Monday, February 24, 2014

Another fast day - and cold  - and windy.  I took Kris a surprise today, Ryan was able to visit his Dad and oh how happy Kris was!  He cried and hugged Ryan, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Ryan standing there.  Ryan has grown at least a foot, is growing into a very handsome young man (like his father) - he is going through rough times but knows what he must do to make it work.  We took Sonic for lunch and Kris ate 1.5 hot dogs, some onion rings, cherry limeade, and a piece of pumpkin pie (thank you Sarah Lee :P); hope this hunger continues as i said yesterday he has lost quite a bit of weight.   One thing I have noticed lately is that Kris will look at me or someone else and it is as if he is looking right through me/us.. i often quietly ask him "where are you right now?"    I pray it is a peaceful beautiful place...

We will meet with the doctor tomorrow and  will continue to care for Kris upon return home - that is a great comfort to me as he knows Kris and I like the way he thinks about treatment and meds.  Kris will be coming home this Friday.. I think I have everything ready.   Home care is still in the works - it is quite a process just like everything else.  The care partners said to give Kris at least a week to transition into being home and then he will probably be more accepting of another care partner (cross your fingers).  I have to be honest in saying that I am somewhat nervous - I don't know why or what of, not sure if it is a anticipatory nervous or what... but i am sure on Friday all will fall into place.

My family has had a couple of difficult turns this week - prayers are with nephew Clint and Luci and baby boy; and cousin, Melody Davis and family.    From my favorite devotional Jesus Calling,  "My loving Presence is sufficient to carry you through each day." 

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